The project realized for a large company that is responsible for mail sorting, was born in 2016 from the need of the company to carry out internal movements of trolleys. In order to solve this problem, the company contacted Scaglia INDEVA, which has realized specifically for the company, 4 AGVs with magnetic markers for the pilot plant, from which an automation project for all 10 sorting centres of the customer company would be developed. The INDEVA® AGV follows a magnetic marker and is perfect for a dynamic work area like that of the mail sorting company, it can be easily reconfigured and reprogrammed with minimal training.
The company is confident that the INDEVA® AGVs are the best solution for their plants.
In 2018, the mail sorting company decided to extend the solution implemented in the pilot plant nationally, adding a total of 60 INDEVA AGVs to its main sorting centres throughout Italy.
10 AGVs have been installed in the main plant, in a very complex layout, divided into tracks identified by different colors, blue, light blue, red, yellow and green. For each route, mission waiting points have been identified, where an operator has to carry out some operations by asking the AGV to bring him empty trucks, or by calling the AGV to pick up full trucks.
15 mission waiting points have been identified and thanks to the INDEVA Supervisor, it is possible to check all the AGVs present on the plant and redirect them to the specific mission waiting point called by the operator.
Once identified a starting point that we will call R1, the operator can decide that the AGV will execute a specific route stopping in different stations, for example red route with stop in R4, R3, R5 and return in R1. In R1 the operator has been equipped with a tablet with Supervisor interface, through which he makes the AGV execute this specific route.
In case the AGV is not in R1, through a special button the operator can ask the Supervisor to verify which is the nearest free AGV and by means of interchange programs he calls it to himself.
Through the Supervisor it is also possible to generate some reports with a defined period, showing the performance of the AGV, the reports for each AGV and the missions it is performing. When the Supervisor detects that an AGV is about to be discharged, he sends the AGV to the automatic recharging station, in this way the line remains always active.
The mail sorting company has found in Scaglia INDEVA the ideal partner to automate its complex lines in a simple, intuitive and industry 4.0 compliant way.

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