A large and worldwide known Tractor Manufacturer has chosen an INDEVA solution for handling large tractor sides of different weights up to 60 kg.

The provided solution is an INDEVA Liftronic Air, overhead mounted, complete with a vacuum gripping system.

The operator must pick tractor sides from the container where the sides are stocked horizontally, lift them, turn them by 90° and set them on the trimming machine in a vertical position. After the trimming operation has finished, the operator must pick the side and place it back onto the container.

The INDEVA Liftronic Air is the cutting edge solution for this type of material handling problem, thanks to the electronic control technology  it features.

The operators stated this solution overpassed their expectations concerning improvement in ergonomics and speed of execution as the INDEVA  Liftronic Air reacts in real time to their intention and require almost no effort for changing direction along the vertical axis.

Handhabung von Seiten des Traktorsge tractor sides in a production line using an overhead mounted intelligent lift assist device INDEVA Liftronic Air
Handhabung Manipulatoren um Seiten des traktors zu bewegen