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How to lift bunches of small metal parts easily in quick and frequent work cycles

Picking and moving small metal parts in quick work cycles has always been a difficult task

Filling boxes in a warehouse, for example,  is usually done by dipping a kind of a big spoon into a container full of small metal parts. Dipping this metal big spoon into a box full of metal parts is not easy at all and if on top of this you add having  to do it several times a day together with lifting the full spoon and carrying it on top of the other container it results in considerable strain for the worker that can harm the worker’s health in the long run.

Why an INDEVA® lift assist device is very far above the competition

You can both safeguade the worker’s health and  enhance work cycle time by using an INDEVA® intelligent lift assistor with a magnet lifting device!!
The worker will never try and it without anymore, as an INDEVA® acts as an extension of his own arm!

small metal parts