This Company had to load radiators unto a moving painting line in a quick and safe way.

They needed to equip the operator with a lifting aid that could allow quick and precise movements. Traditional industrial manipulators with pneumatic control could not satisfy this demand due to two main reasons:
a) due to typical air technological limitations the responsiveness of pneumatic controlled traditional manipulators is slow, thus causing imprecise movements and longer cycle time, moreover operators must use greater physical effort when changing moving direction;
b) because the pneumatic manipulators aren’t auto-weight sense and auto-balancing, and being the radiators of different sizes and weights the operator should stop several times for adjusting balancing settings each time the load weight changes.

The only solution that could satisfy the demand for quick and precise movements together with more productivity has been an INDEVA® with vacuum gripper.

The INDEVA®, is an intelligent handling system, the evolution of traditional industrial manipulators; the INDEVA® automatically detects and counter-balances the load weight all the time, thus making the load as it were weightless; it has no buttons to keep pressed during handling operations and does not require load setting adjustments when the load weight changes; thanks to the electronic control system, the INDEVA® allows for quick and precise movements, impossible to achieve with traditional industrial manipulators (with pneumatic control) and with hoists.

The INDEVA® is equipped with ergonomic handles and finger tip sensitive handle providing even better responsiveness to the operator’s touch (read more about it by clicking here).
Special sensors placed on the vacuum gripping tool detect the load at a certain distance and activate the vacuum cups so that no time is wasted and the load is firmly gripped and ready to be moved as soon as it’s touched by the vacuum cups.

A special device allows 180° rotation of the radiator.

Handling radiators unto painting line