Tenaris Group manufacture large pipes for oil industry; they have production plants in different countries and  have recently inaugurated their new plant in Kazakistan.

INDEVA was chosen because we are the only supplier that could satisfy all the essential requirements for the applications in Tenaris plants.

Surely Tenaris needed a supplier with an extensive expertise in the design of bespoke solutions even for very complex work cycles and for products with shapes not easy to grip.

INDEVA is, without any doubt, one of the most expert in this field.

The very most important requirement for the load handling system in Tenaris plants however, is surely the auto weight sense and auto balancing feature, because pipes, gauges, calibers and so on have different weights and sizes.

Tenaris realized that only the intelligent  technology of the  INDEVA® Liftronic® series  could fully satisfy their requirements.

The INDEVA® Intelligent devices for handling feature auto-weight sense and auto balancing technology  which allows for a smooth, intuitive and almost effortless load handling.

The Liftronic® Series units supplied to Tenaris are column mounted with articulated arm. Column and arm length of each unit are different  according to each specific application; custom gripping tools designed by our engineers satisfied all requirements and proved highly efficacious.

INDEVA® manipulators are  now at work in different work stations in different Tenaris plants

In the quality control department the INDEVA® handle calibers of different sizes; the operator can easily and quickly interexchange the calibers without changing any setting to the system. Handling heavy calibers can be carried out in an intuitive and smooth manner as handling light loads just manually.

In the wash department an  INDEVA® for handling pipe couplings of different sizes. Another INDEVA® with a 4 meter long arm and a special tooling for gripping from 1 to 3 couplings at the same time, couplings have different sizes and weights.

From the line the couplings are picked  by another INDEVA®,  a Liftronic® Air  model with a special tools that allows to grip the couplings and keep them while being screwed onto a pipe. INDEVA designed a special solution that allows to screw couplings of different sizes at different speeds.

The intelligent devices for handling INDEVA® are more and more appreciated as HUMAN ARM EXTENDERS.