movimentazione di particolari meccanici

A well-known Italian company that designs and manufactures components for hydraulic systems, was handling mechanical parts manually, with obvious ergonomic problems due to the weight of the parts (about 20 kg), repetitiveness of the work cycle, rotation of the parts and difficulty in loading the mechanical parts on the machining centres as the offset (stretching of the operator’s arms) was particularly important.

Scaglia INDEVA designed and supplied the company with 2 Liftronic® Pro manipulators to handle 11 different pump body models. The parts are moved by means of grippers that can be quickly interchanged using pawls (4 sets in total). The mechanical parts are picked up from a box and then loaded onto two machining centres, each carrying out 3 work phases.
The release operation, in the various phases, requires specific rotations including controlled tilting and manual rotation on the axis, which can be done thanks to theFloat mode function present on the entire Liftronic® series.
The grippers drive, via a selector switch, is designed to handle gripping from the outside to the inside and vice versa, depending on the space available in the machine.
The grippers have also been coated with a special anti-scratch and anti-slip material to prevent any slipping or falling of the mechanical parts, as they are completely covered in cooling oil during the entire work cycle.

The operators and the company were immediately able to verify the real operational and ergonomic advantage of including INDEVA® manipulators in the work cycle.