linear manipulator

 An Intelligent Device for Handling with rigid arm moving along the Z axis suitable for working in a small area

When items have to be picked and released in areas that it is not possible to reach from the top, only a solution with rigid arm that can reach loads far from the manipulator and operator is suitable.

Many times a pneumatic manipulator or a Liftronic® Air with rigid arm is not suitable, due to little avaialble space and a more compact structure is necessary.

In these situations the INDEVA® Linear Manipulator is the perfect solution.

One of our customers  that needs to handle tire rims placed on shelfs in an area with a very low ceiling, reported:

“We managed to fit the manipulator in a very small area. It works without problems 24/7 and I was surprised how smoothly it works. The most important thing – operator is working almost as fast as he did with his hands before. The customized vertical stroke helped to give the right solution.”

The INDEVA® Linear Manipulator belongs to the of the Liftronic® Series and therefore offers all advantages of  an Intelligent Device for Handling: great responsiveness offering almost effortless handling and allowing natural movement coordination.

Why an INDEVA® lift assist device is very far above the competition