A Company needed to improve safety in the manual handling of large glass panels of different sizes (2m x 2m; 2m x 025m; 4m x 1m) and at the same time needed to ensure constant production output.

After evaluation of different solutions only an INDEVA®, Liftronic® series has showed to be the ideal one..

Handling cycle

  • Gripping glass panels from trolley at 1500 mm height.- panel in vertical position inclined by 5°, leaned on the short side;
  • Rotation by +90°/-90°;
  • Release on assembly line at 600 mm height.- panel in vertical position leaned on the long side.
  • Cycle time: average 1000 -1200 glass panels in 10 hours.

The system is equipped with self balancing gripping tool for handling glass panels of 50 Kg. Load gripping is carried out by vacuum.
Technical features of the electronic load balancer (evolved industrial manipulator INDEVA®):

  • gross capacity: 140 Kg;
  • net capacity: 75 Kg
  • vertical excursion: 2800 mm
  • lifting speed: 22.5 m/min
  • power tension: 230 Volt – 50/60 Hz
  • max absorbed power: 630 W;
  • enclosure protection: IP 54.
  • arm length: 3500 mm;
  • max rotation on vertical axis 360°;
  • COLUMN – 3000 mm high;
  • Base platform suitable for being moved by means of a trans pallet, complete with support for the end effector.
  • Handles ergonomically designed; one finger tip handle;

Now the operator can handle glass panels for the whole working day with no effort. Handling large size glass panels has never been so easy: the INDEVA® acts as an extension of the operator’s arm providing power without the typical constrictions of machines: no buttons to keep pressed and no load pre-setting to select when a load with a different weight has to be picked. Safety against load fall and injuries to the operator are also ensured.

An INDEVA® is the only solution that increases productivity, ergonomics and safety in the manual load handling.

.Handling large size glass panels