INDEVA for food industry

INDEVA® load balancer to handle  racks with HAMS at zero-gravity condition.

Companies producing sausages and hams are generally equipped with automatic lines that end with a packaging machine for packing the hams into a plastic net, as the machie s produced by Tecnobrianza in Italy.

Every 20 seconds, the packaging machine releases  1 hanger with 4 bresaole. The worker has to pick up the hanger and place it on a cart.

The weight of the load to be moved is  not always the same.

The weight of each bresaola  varies from 4 kg to 12 kg each for a total weight of the hanger to be handled ranging from about 17 to 49 kg including the weight of the empty hanger.
each day it is necessary  to lift and move about 4500/5000 bresaolas; given the high weight of the load to be handled, the frequency and speed with which the operation is to be performed, it is necessary to equip the workplace of a manual load handling aid in order to reduce the effort for the operator and to ensure safety and ergonomics.

An electric hoist is not a suitable solution

because it is too slow and because  it  forces the operator to keep the up/down  button pressed all the time,  thus being a solutionnot conform to the ergonomics and safety regulations.

Also a pneumatic manipulator is inadequate to meet this need

A pneumatic manipulator, in fact, is not self-balancing, it  does not get adjusted automatically and in real time to a different load weight;  the pneumatic manipulator’s response time when changing handling direction and when picking the load from its support  is not immediate, thus requiring extra effort to the operator who, very often, decides not to use the manipulaotr and do it manually.

The only solution for handling hams in such an applciation is using  the LATEST TECHNOLOGY for material handling:

An INDEVA®  intelligent lift assist device,  featuring electronic control and electric drive.

An INDEVA® responds in real time to the operator’s intention and moves at the speed he needs: fast or slow with unparalled precision. This, added to having no buttons to press, allows for very smooth, effortless and natural movements.

An INDEVA® allows a 2.8 m vertical stroke and it is very light to move also along the horizontal axis.

It can be column mounted and different lengths are available for the articulated arm; or it can be bridge crane mounted.