A hoist with a hook as end effector did not comply with  safety and ergonomics  regulations.

A Company producing earth work machine was used to have chain hoists for handling hydraulics cylinders at the paint line.

The risk of accidental fall of the hydraulic cylinders and injure for operators was high. The need for the operator to constantly keep the hoist button pressed for the lifting operation forced him to a non ergonomic, unhealthy position most of his working hours.

The solution required by this Company had to guarantee full safety against load fall and better ergonomics in favor of the operator, and at the same time improve productivity in the long run.

An INDEVA® Liftronic® Pro is the solution that satisfied such a demand.

A zero gravity self balancing system (electronic balancer) with an end effector equipped with pneumatic jaws and 90° rotation device allowing the rotation from horizontal to vertical position of the hydraulic cylinders.


The end effector is equipped with ergonomic gripping handles and a sensitive in line force handle that eliminates all inertia forces when moving the tool n both vertical directions.

The operators can handle 180 kg load effortlessly. The jaws are adjustable in order to allow gripping cylinders with diameter ranging from 80 a 170 mm.

Thanks to the self balancing technology the operator can handle different cylinders with different weights, with no need for stopping to adjust the load weight setting each time he picks a different cylinder.

The operator can handle hydraulic cylinders whose weights range from 60 to 350 kg with lengths from 0,7 to 2,0 m really effortlessly with the same ease and precise coordination as he were handling loads weighing few grams with his hands only, as a superman.

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