handling large armored doors

At the end of line of the armored doors manufaturing process, large armored dors have to be picked and moved on the packaging table, placed on the cardboard sheets and wrapped.

This task was carried out by using a hoist.  Operators had to keep the hoist button pressed all the time for the up/down moves and had to meet with the fixed times of the hoist, unable to move at their natural speed.

Replacing the hoist with a zero gravity intelligent assist device INDEVA® Liftronic® Pro brought numerous advantages.

  • enhanced ergonomics for the operator who does not have to keep a button pressed all the time
  • enhanced productivity thanks to the possibility for the operator to move the doors at his natural speed as he were moving very light loads manually at zero gravity condition
  • enhanced safety, thanks to the electronically controlled safety devices of the intelligent assist device
  • enhanced userfriendliness: the Liftronic® Pro automatically adjusts the balancing to each different load weight and the custom gripper gets adjusted to different door sizes.  The operator moves at his speed with natural movement coordination as in manual handling with no powered aid and can move heavy loads at zero gravity condition.

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