Kit trolley

At a big Multinational Corporate Customer, the personnel’s health is taken seriously. At the acquisition of new trolleys  ERGONOMICS, FLEXIBILITY and EFFICIENCY are high priority aspects to be considered.

The warehouse is divided into zones. The parts are picked and delivered to different production stations in the factory. The Customer needed efficiency in the picking of KITS and also to reduce the number of production stations at the same time!

“The company’s major profit is Reduction of Space at the production line and Ergonomic presentation of parts“

Planning and cooperation

The customer asked INDEVAs Lean Production Specialist to advice the proper solution aiming to streamline the picking and to design the Kit Trolleys for this area. An ergonomist from the Customer took part in the design output and determination of  the trolley,  the handles position, etc….

Profit maximisation

After initial discussion trolleys were first designed virtually in 3D for validation. A prototype was produced and taken for test. After test confirmation, the choice became a KIT Trolley with room for six different Kits. Previously 8 EU Pallets was necessary at the production line.  This means that they now can reduce the production line and at the same time and there’s a huge gain in both efficiency an ergonomics. – The workers don’t need to go as many steps a day anymore and they aren’t as tired in their legs!

Custom Made Kit Trolleys

The trolley are individually tailored – That the trolleys are adjustable, is worth gold. The handles are mounted as the operator  wants them for best comfort. Accessories such as a document holder and a pen tray is placed in a comfortable height for the operators

Heavy gets light

Although the load on the trolley is much heavier  than before the operators feels like the trolley is lighter. – The LeanSystem structure and the wheels makes the trolley roll extremely easy, says one operator who had a back problem earlier and therefore appreciates INDEVAs

Efficient picking

The result besides healthy and happy staff, the Customer gains time on the ASSEMBLY Line and Production Space. Productivity is estimated to have increased by 30% thanks to INDEVAs Custom made Kit Trolley.

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