INDEVA® turn-key solution for load handling to/from a vertical automatic warehouse

Ergonomic material handling at a vertical automatic warehouse

A well known Company in North Italy has commissioned Scaglia INDEVA® the design and production of a solution for handling the material out of a vertical automatic warehouse in an ergonomic, safe and, at the same time, efficient way.

Need for an ergonomic, yet highly productive material handling solution.

Today, thanks to the use of an INTELLIGENT DEVICE FOR HANDLING, an INDEVA® model Liftronic®, the operators can pick the boxes and the cases from the automatic warehouse, effortlessly, safely, quickly and easily.
Prior the installation of the INDEVA®  manipulator, the operator had to stretch forward 60 cm to reach the warehouse drawer and lift the box while being in an unbalanced position with his trunk; the boxes and cases the operators had to pick and lift in this non ergonomic position weigh up to 20 kg. Furthermore the boxes are stocked very tight one against the other, thus being impossible to grip them on the sides, and the operator could only pull them closer and then lift them.

Scaglia INDEVA®, after a careful study of the overall situation has delivered the ideal solution:

an overhead rail aluminum structure held by anchoring groups along the whole length of the vertical automatic warehouse (10.5 m) complete with a bridge that slides smoothly along the rails carrying the INDEVA® manipulator on the right spot where the boxes or cases have to be picked. The INDEVA® manipulator, mounted unto a trolley sliding along the bridge across the rails, is moved back and forth from the operator to the opening of the warehouse. The operator, although stretched forward with his arm, lifts a weightless load, effortlessly and ergonomically.

an overhead rail aluminum structure

Two different gripping toolings are used with the manipulator:

a vacuum gripper for the boxes that grips the load from the top by means of vacuum pads, and a linear chuck for the cases. A quick coupling device allows a quick and easy exchange of the tooling whenever it is needed.

 gripping toolings are used with the manipulator gripping toolings are used with the manipulator

INDEVA® auto – weight sense and auto balancing feature makes the difference!

Thanks to the auto weight sense and auto balancing feature of the INDEVA® manipulator, the operator can pick cases or boxes of different weights with no need of selecting a different load presetting each time.

Overhead rail structure in aluminum

The overhead rail structure, being in aluminum, is lighter and easier to mount than a steel structure and the manipulator can slide smoother and easier requiring very little effort by the operator.

Overhead rail structure in aluminum

Industrial manipulators are nowadays the only available assist device suitable for the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders and injuries to the operators.

Thanks to this INDEVA® material handling solution, the operator is not more exposed to musculoskeletal injury risk, time efficiency with elimination of time wastes has been achieved and eventually the overall productivity has improved.