INDEVA® manipulators have proven to be the workhorse for a well-known Indian Company in the Engineering Industry Sector.

The first INDEVA® unit they installed was a Liftronic® Easy, column-mounted with a load capacity of up to 80 kg, and an articulated 4.5 m. long arm.

This first unit became the collaborative strong arm of the operator in charge of the ‘pick and place’ at the machining center work station; gripping and moving the CI frames and sequentially feeding the output of the first machine to the next one and so on, became a very easy, ergonomic task with a very high overall safety and ergonomics standard.

With the improvement in process times, another machine became necessary;

Being highly satisfied with the performance of this first unit it was the obvious choice for the customer to repose confidence in INDEVA for the new manipulator and installed another column-mounted Liftronic® EAsy with a 5 m long articulated arm.