A large and well-known Company in China manufactures electric motors for the Automotive, Industrial Machines, and Mineral Industries. They have decided to replace all their cranes and hoists with the INDEVA ® crane system and overhead rail mounted Liftronic® in order to improve their production as well as their safety at work standard.

Precise movements without bouncing and inertia make the work cycle shorter and easy for the operator, thus increasing productivity as well as the employer’s wellness.

A Lifronic®, in fact, allows the operator to precisely position a rotor or a stator on the assembly line with fine precision and no effort;  the electronic control system of a Liftronic® eliminates inertia and allows the operator to move loads as quickly or as slowly as the application requires at each work stage ensuring fine and precise movements control at any time and allowing to handle even heavy or bulky loads as they were weightless.

Watch a video showing how precisely and easily you can position a motor in a restricted area

The INDEVA aluminum rail system makes the transport of their materials and finished electric motors along the X-Y axis easier and more efficient than the big and inflexible cranes they were using before.

INDEVA® today is the state-of-the-art material handling solution for the electric motor industry in CHINA.