Scaglia INDEVA Manipulators in the Lamborghini URUS factory

For years, companies in the automotive industry have been subject to continuous market pressure, which requires ever higher quality standards while continuing to maintain competitive prices.
The phenomenon of mass customization, especially in the luxury sport car industry, has forced companies to be extremely flexible and produce with very short work cycles  while maintaining high quality levels. To tackle this challenge, companies must change their approach by carefully choosing the most suitable means to ensure efficiency, productivity and quality excellence.

Scaglia INDEVA’s intelligent devices for handling significantly help companies to meet this new demand. Lotus, Lamborghini and Bentley, have choosen the INDEVA® manipulators because they perfectly match with their state of the art production lines.
The use of INDEVA® manipulators has simplified and accelerated the load handling operations. Moreover, the safety technologies of the INDEVA® lifting systems guarantee a high level of ergonomics and safety for the operators.

The use of the INDEVA® manipulators has proved an increase in operating efficiency and a reduction of the costs related to accidents.