BIMU 2016: the exhibition for the metal forming and metal cutting machines, robots, automation and auxiliary technologies.

BIMU  was held at the exhibition centre in Milan from the 4th to the 8th of October .

This edition of BIMU 2016 was a real success in terms of number of visitors; especially on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

BIMU 2016

Scaglia Indeva exhibited 2 Liftronic® manipulators: a standard Liftronic® Easy with  “Orbit Arm3″ (a 3 joints  articulated arm,)  for handling mechanical parts such as engine blocks and tire rims , and a Liftronic® with Orbital Tool h Head for handling  and  tilting a steel cylinder.

We already know that our  Liftronic® manipulators in action always draw the admired attention of those visitors that have experience with traditional lifting equipment and pneumatic manipulators and see how differently our INDEVAs® perform; nevertheless it is always a great pleasure to see many people positively impressed by the special performance of  our INDEVA® manipulators.

Main comments by visitors to our stand at BIMU 2016:

“Wow I can move it  up and down with just one finger touch!”
“It is really light, almost no force must be applied to move this heavy engine up/down”
“It remains at exactly where I leave it when I leave it: the response of the system is amazingly  in real time”
“No settings or regulations  required when I pick a load with a different weight , it is automatic, that’s fantastic!! “

The INDEVAs are really auto-weight sense and auto balancing!!!

In fact the automatic sensing and balancing of  the weight is not possible with traditional lifting equipment and pneumatic manipulators. This feature not only makes it easier when different loads with different weights have to be handled, but it also makes the balancing perfect, so that the effort required for up/down movements and direction change is almost null.
The INDEVA® help improve ergonomics and safety and at the same time productivity.