Beverage Industry needs maximum efficiency along the whole production line.

INDEVA for the Beverage industry

The Beverage industry is present in almost all countries of the world with plants where all production phases are carried out by means of automatic lines from  blow moulding to  filling, capping, labelling and at the end of the line also packaging either using shrinkwrappers or cardboard wrappers.

Although most companies are using modern automatic bottling lines, load handling  is still carried out manually  in most  cases for  lifting cardboard sheet packs  to feed  “Wrap around case packers”, or reels to be loaded on Shrinwrapping or Labelling machines .

Also Companies in the beverage industry, therefore, need manual load handling aids in order to safeguard their employees’ health and comply with all recent Regulations and Directives on ergonomics and safety  in workplaces as well as improve overall productivity at the same time.

It is exactly for these tasks that large and small companies in the beverage industry install  INDEVA® manipulators. Scaglia INDEVA®, in fact, is well known for our great expertise in designing reliable custom solutions with custom designed gripping tools to suit loads of different sizes, shapes and weights.

Sometimes an INDEVA® is installed to replace mere manual handling, but other times it  replaces a traditional lifting equipment such as an hoists or a traditional industrial pneumatic manipulator.

An INDEVA® manipulator offer various advantages compared to traditional lifting equipment: it is 4 times faster than a hoist, it does not require to keep a button pressed all the time while handling the load and it moves to the speed required by the operator and not at a fixed speed. Compared to a pneumatic manipulator  an INDEVA® allows for more precise movements and load positioning, with no impact and no inertia forces to oppose, thus resulting much more ergonomic, user friendly and fast.

An INDEVA® counter balances the load weight automatically and immediately with no need to select a different weight setting each time the load weight changes. For all these reasons an INDEVA® manipulator has been defined as an” extension of human arm”