In episode 2 of season 3, presenters of the BBC’s ‘Inside the Factory’ visited a pasta manufacturer in Italy, to see the innovative equipment and processes that feature behind closed doors of the world’s leading dried pasta factory.

Inside the Factory - BBC at Barilla

The factory, which produces 60% of all pasta made in Italy and supplies 3,000 tonnes of the product to the UK each year, is an example of manufacturing excellence.

One of the key items of machinery showcased in this BBC programme, is the Indeva Liftronic manipulator, which is employed to assist with the lifting of cheese wheels.

Presenter Cherry Healey of Inside the Factory is given the opportunity to try the lifting equipment for herself and due to its ease of use and innovative lifting features, the well-known host has no trouble lifting a block of cheese weighing 30kg. She exclaims “This weighs 30kg? It feels as though it weighs nothing!”

The process of lifting, transporting and accurately placing cheese weighing 30kg is a prime example of the types of tasks ideally suited to an INDEVA® industrial manipulator.

In this particular instance, the introduction of a Liftronic® has several benefits:

  • Improved production time – a smooth and simple process with no interruptions , which has a positive impact on efficiency
  • Improved operator wellbeing – eliminating any manual lifting tasks, significantly improving ergonomics
  • Reduces product damage – bespoke gripping tool was designed for this exact application

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Our intelligent industrial manipulators are trusted by many world-leading manufacturers such as Barilla, across a wide range of sectors. Able to lift up to around 300kg, our lifting and handling equipment provides a number of invaluable benefits to both the individual operators and the overall production capabilities of a company.

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Inside the Factory - BBC - Barilla

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