Different Airport Handling Companies have installed INDEVA®s model Liftronic® Easy for handling baggage, in order to comply with the European Directives on Ergonomics and Safety in the manual material handling.

The INDEVA® are known for being the solution that turns manual load handling really safe and ergonomic.

The INDEVA®, in fact, feature the ability to respond immediately to the operator slight push down/upwards, with no inertia forces at all , thus requiring no effort to operator, not even in the direction change.

The operator, with his hand on the sensitive handle, can move the load at the desired speed in a natural and intuitive way; the end effector, with or without the load, remains perfectly still in the position the operator leaves it. Load positioning can be carried out in a very precise and quick way.

The horizontal move is very easy and effortless as well, thanks to the INDEVA®’s very light structure.

The INDEVA® are chosen by the Airport Handling Companies especially for their feature of being auto weight -sense and auto -balancing. The operator that pick different pieces of baggage without worrying at all about the weight difference from one piece to another. The INDEVA® do not need any adjusting as the load weight changes: they immediately and automatically get adjusted to the new weight.

Only the INDEVA®, being Intelligent Devices for Handling, are auto weight sense and auto balancing, thanks to the state of the art electronic technology used and tested by Scaglia INDEVA® since many years.

Traditional pneumatic manipulators and other lifting equipments such as hoists, move and react slower, are heavier and bulkier, are not auto-weight sense and auto balancing. They are, therefore, not suitable for baggage handling.

Baggage handling with INDEVA