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Watch a video of an INDEVA® Liftronic® Air for handling large size parts in Automotive industry

Watch a video of INDEVA® manipulators in use in a large Automotive plant

The automotive industry is undoubtedly among the most advanced in applying the latest ergonomics principles in their technology choices and process setting.

The automotive industry is the one that above all adopted very strict guidelines regarding safety and ergonomics for operators, thus requiring advanced technology that ensures precise, fast and smooth movements, with rotations and special sensors.
The traditional manipulators have some limitations to achieve these requirements, due to the pneumatic control technology. Where load positioning precision and good load visibility are required or for repetitive and frequent movements it is necessary a manipulator featuring lightweight, compact design and above all true auto-balancing technology; a manipulator able to react in real time at the very touch of the operator with no need of extra effort to counteract the inertia and gravity forces in the first detachment of the load from its support and in the change of direction along the Z axis.
This is only possible with the Intelligent Devices for Handling or INDEVA®.

An INDEVA® is defined in the literature as a ” single axis or multiple device that employs a programmable control system hybrid computer – man to amplify human strength . It’s an intelligent industrial manipulator that allows the operator to manipulate, with almost no effort, any object within the work area.

Therefore for handling and precisely positioning parts inside a restricted area in a vehicle frame it is necessary to use an intelligent device for handling INDEVA®

We probably work with more automotive manufacturers than any of our competitors.

This is due to the extensive experience we have gained working in this sector, coupled with the expertise and ability to produce outstanding advanced solutions and a range of best-in-class manipulators. Our automotive customers include most of the leading names such as Fiat, Nissan, Ford, Peugeot, Audi, BMW, Renault, Citroen, Volvo and Rolls-Royce, together with Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers.

Complex work cycle in Automotive industry

We’ve found over the years that the main problem areas for this sector are in machine tool and line loading, parts assembly and logistics. An example is a parts assembly operation where components need to be lifted from containers or pallets and possibly travel a distance to a production line or workbench. The component will most likely be heavy, it could be a complex shape and/or difficult to grip. It may also need to be rotated before final positioning. Complex work cycles are integral in many manufacturing processes, but more so in car production due to the number and shape of components needed to make the finished product. In addition some component surfaces encountered may be delicate, greasy, wet or hot.

 Better solutions for better productivity in Automotive industry

Our range of intelligent handling devices is probably the best in the world with repeatedly proven capacity to satisfy the demands of this sector which requires accuracy, repeatability and high performance working. We can design and manufacture complete overhead gantry systems or provide vertically mounted manipulators for working in smaller or confined spaces. We provide a complete start to finish solution, from workplace and process survey, through to detailed drawings and specification, installation and commissioning. And of course we will provide training in the workplace to ensure that operatives are fully conversant and confident in using Indeva equipment.

Automotive industry: INDEVA for safe material handling