A company that manufactures door and windows hinges, needed a solution that could make the handling of cases and pallets safer and faster. The cases to handle are of different weights and sizes.


  • Gripping the load from pallet placed on an elevating platform at varying heights from 50 to 1500 mm
  • Load release on a pallet at varying heights from 50 to 1500 mm.

The cases to be handled aren’t in lots, therefore weight and size of the case to be gripped are always different. The case are shrinwrapped.

The perfect solution that meets all these requirements is an INDEVA®, Liftronic® series equipped with gripping tool by vacuum. The system is auto weight sense and auto balancing; the tooling rotates by 90° for turning the case on the pallet according to the need. The operator doesn’t have to worry about the change of weight and size as the manipulator automatically senses the case weight and instantly counterbalance it . Load gripping and release are quick and the operator’s movements are as precise as he were handling the load manually with no aid. The handling cycle is completed in less than 10 seconds and it’s repeated for several hours a day. The operator, thanks to the INDEVA® (intelligent device for handling), can keep production pace constant during the whole working day, with no effort and with no need of bending his back in a non ergonomic and hazardous way for his health.

An INDEVA® therefore is the only solution for increasing productivity, ergonomics and safety in all manual load handling situations.

handling cases and pallets