State of the art Intralogistics with interconnected AGVs in industry 4.0

A large Italian Company that manufacturers components for the automotive industry has recently enhanced their intralogistic system by implementing interconnection of main machines on their shop floor.

Scaglia INDEVA is the Company that have supplied the AGVs on their shop floor; thanks to our expertise and knowledge in industry automation and wi-fi control technology necessary in industries 4.0,  we have provided interface softwares and program to allow our AGVs to communicate with the KUKA robots present on the assembly line.

How this interconnection works

The INDEVA® Tunnel AGV moves in front of the automatic assembly station where the KUKA robot is working and, through the Company wi-fi network , starts communication with the robot. Here the robot, using the interface created by Scaglia INDEVA, automatically assigns the AGV one of the 3 possible missions it can carry out. Then the  INDEVA AGV enters into the assembly area and releases the empty trolley it had dragged till there from warehouse. The Kuka robot fills the trolley, and when this is full, asks  the AGV to move the trolley to a specific position.

Once position 1 or 2 or 3 is reached the  AGV releases the full trolley and picks an empty one to start a new cycle.

This is a case history proving the capability of  the INDEVA technology applied to an INDEVA AGV to create successful interconnection system and to  communicate efficiently with a complex machine such as a KUKA robot.

This  Company, highly satisfied with the result in terms of production efficiency of the above described application, has decided to implement interconnection between machines in another assembly area.

A worker manually uploads 6 empty pallets unto the AGV  in the warehouse and starts the AGV that moves to the assembly line and stops at the pallet exchange station; here the AGV starts communication with the assembly machine, using the Company wi-fi-network.

Main data exchanged between AGV and the machine:

  1. information on whether the machine has got room  for receiving the full pallets  from the AGV  or not.
  2. information on whether  the AGV has got room for receiving the empty pallets from the machine or not.
  3. check and confirmation that the number of exchanged pallets is 6 as it should be.

Right after the data exchange the AGV  delivers the 6 full pallets and collects 6 empty ones.  A power driven roller conveyor system called “carousel” designed by INDEVA®, allows a smooth and safe pallet exchange.” Carousel” keeps the AGV still at the correct spot whilst the pallet exchange is in progress.  After the exchange is over, the AGV checks if it has been carried out properly, then returns to the warehouse to start a new mission.

The implementation of interconnection between machines on the shop floor according to industry 4.0 logic enhances also lean manufacturing standard, ’cause it contributes to waste elimination (of time, labour , etc… ).

Using AGV in Industry 4.0 logic in these 2 assembly areas has greatly enhanced their safety level, and together with a higher level of lean manufacturing standard has increased overall productivity and profitability.

Scaglia INDEVA has already proven to be an ideal partner  for Companies wishing to implement industry 4.0,as well lean manufacturing in their production processes.

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