AGV for loads up to 650 kg

A cashmere manufacturer was forced to manually handle heavy reel storage trolleys along the 10 spinning machine stations.
The trolleys had to be loaded on both sides, for a total of 216 reels, 108 on each side. The total weight of the fully loaded trolleys was around 650 kg.

Scaglia Indeva developed an independent, more flexible and optimised internal transport system.
The 2 AGVs implemented along the customer’s production line offer a load capacity of 650 kg each, as well as a platform equipped with adjustable electric actuators that allow the AGV to pick up and drop the trolleys and transport them along the pre-determined route.

To further optimize the transport system autonomous from the trolleys, a supervisor has been implemented, thanks to which each spinning machine communicates with the AGVs by calling them to bring an empty trolley from the warehouse, pick up a full trolley or turn a trolley to load the second side.
Each operation is calculated and performed according to priority (1st call = 1st line to be reached by the AGV), with main priority the rotation of the trolley already present on the line so as to never interrupt the production cycle. Moreover, always for the same reason, whenever the AGV is not called to perform a mission, it goes to the charging point where it is reloaded.

The INDEVA® AGVs, thanks to the possibility of transporting such a high load, have increased the number of trips between the warehouse and the line, thus increasing productivity and return on investment (ROI).
Once again, the customer was satisfied with INDEVA® ‘s ability to customize its solutions with AGVs.