Liftronic® Air belong to the INDEVA® Liftronic® Series of intelligent industrial manipulators;

It combines the intelligent control system of the Liftronic® Series with the rigid parallelogram arm structure alike the pneumatic manipulators of the PN Series.

They represent the state of the art technology for handling offset loads.

"Liftronic® Air" Versions

Column + Arm

LA 250 COLONNA png

Fixed to floor

Overhead Arm
LA_soffitto_render COLOR

Fixed to ceiling



Liftronic® Air is the latest technology and has no direct competition on market!!

Latest generation industrial manipulators of the INDEVA®  family. They combine the strength of traditional pneumatic manipulators with the intelligence of the INDEVA® . Their power for lifting is pneumatic, but they are electronically controlled.  The models  available are LA080, LA160, LA250, LA400, with maximum capacities ranging from 80 to 570 kg; all manipulators can be supplied either column, ceiling or overhead rail mounted. Compared to traditional pneumatically controlled manipulators, Liftronic® Air offers important advantages which help improve safety, egonomics and productivity.

Download Liftronic® Air leaflet and read  the comparison table:  Liftronic® Air vs. traditional pneumatically controlled manipulator

Liftronic® Air can be interconnected in logic industry 4.0: click here to read more about it