As you can see, handling a load with an INDEVA® manipulator is easy, fast, and efficient.

How does it work?

The manipulator is auto-balancing, that is, it automatically adjusts in real time the weight of the object to lift and does not require any adjustment or setting by the operator in case of changing weights, as it is required for a pneumatic manipulator.

The manipulator automatically balances the weight of the load every hundredth of a second, therefore in case of accidental loss of the load, the Liftronic® manipulator remains still, unlike the pneumatic manipulator which jerks dangerously upwards implying serious hazards for the operator.

The UP/DOWN movements are electronically controlled and during the first centimeters of detachment of the load from its support, the manipulator starts softly and then accelerates; these parameters can be adjusted to optimally adapt each movement of the manipulator to the needs of the operator and/or the work cycle.

All this leads to a significant efficiency increase.

A Liftronic manipulator can be up to eight times faster than a hoist

A Liftronic fits perfectly into an Industry 4.0 organization, as the onboard electronics are already set up to interface with the customer’s management system via a simple gateway. Moreover, we can also remotely change the manipulator settings according to the type of work to be carried out.

In short, an efficient and productive machine, extremely safe, and with technological features already projected into the future.

What can we say, try it and you will discover a world of opportunities in the handling of loads: the manipulator of today for the work of tomorrow.

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