Easy and safe lathe loading operaton by means of a Liftronic Easy manipulator

A manufacturing Company in Russia needed to improve productivity and safety relative to the lathe loading operations. They need to up and download iron cylinders to/from a lathe. They saw our Intelligent manipulator at METALLOOBRABOTKA 2019 and were impressed by the smooth and very precise load handling achievable with our Intelligent Lift Assist Device Liftronic Easy.

In 2020 they open a tender for the supply of a lifting device for the above-mentioned operation and they chose the INDEVA Liftronic Easy among other providers solutions.

Lathe loading is effortless, precise, fast, and safe if you use a Liftronic Easy manipulator.

In this case the load gripper is a manual magnet that safely holds the metal cylinder while moving it to and from the lathe.

They are more than satisfied with this solution and have decided to equip other workstations in their production unit with more INDEVA lift assist devices.

Customer satisfaction note

The Managing Director of this Company in Russia sent us the following note to express their satisfaction regarding both the INDEVA solution and service.

“INDEVA Scaglia S.p.A. has supplied us with manipulators. During the work, the supplied equipment has proved to be reliable and allows easy and quick installation of large and heavy parts.
The cooperation with INDEVA Scaglia S.p.A. has left only positive impressions on the company.
All that makes us recommend INDEVA Scaglia S.p.A. as a reliable and competent partner for further mutually beneficial cooperation.

Director S.M. Kovalevich”