End effectors play a pivotal role in material handling, closely tailored to the specific context and load requirements

We offer both standard end effectors, interchangeable across various lifting devices, and advanced custom solutions. Our custom end effectors, initially designed for specific clients, have now become standard in our product lineup. Explore our diverse range of end effector types and their specific applications to find the perfect fit for your industrial needs.

Looking for something unique? Our team can design personalized end effectors tailored to your exact specifications.

Standard end effectors for Liftronic Easy

INDEVA Scissor Pantograph

Quick applications of different types of end effectors such as hooks, pantograph chucks, jaws, clamps, etc

Advanced and custom end effectors for Liftronic Pro


Most of the end effectors is custom designed to suit specific requirements, but some applications are very common and allow the use of typical solutions for the end of arm toolings (EOAT).

Applications of our end effectors in different industries

Handling cheese blocks by means of a vacuum gripping tool applied to the standard tool head of an INDEVA

Systems and complete solutions for material handling with various dimensions, shapes and weights in different industrial fields.