End effectors play a pivotal role in material handling, closely tailored to the specific context and load requirements

Scaglia Indeva provides the complete load handling solution with the most effective load gripper to best suit your specific material handling application.

Over the years we have gained great expertise in the design of end effectors for handling a great variety of load types in different work cycles.

The INDEVA end effectors are compact, easy to use, highly safe, and ergonomic.

Looking for something unique? Our team can design custom end effectors tailored to your exact specifications.

Mechanic Grippers:

INDEVA Scissor Pantograph

INDEVA Pantographs featuring mechanical gripping system. Suitable for applications of pick & place with no load rotation.

Mechanic Grippers:
Orbital Tool Head


The INDEVA orbital tool head allows for gripping, tilting, or rotating loads such as reels and stators, or similar

Mechanic Grippers:
Expanding Chuck

Indeva gripper with expanding chuck

The INDEVA mechanical gripper with an expanding chuck is suitable for handling reels, stators, metal cylinders, and so on

Magnetic Grippers


2  types of magnetic load gripper are available: manual-driven and pneumatic-driven.

Vacuum Grippers


The INDEVA Vacuum grippers are provided with reliable safety devices. They are suitable for handling boxes, bags, panels, sheets, etc…

Custom End Effectors


Custom-designed end effectors for handling loads of any shape, dimension, and weight in different industrial fields.