INDEVA at American Automotive Summit 2017

American Automotive Summit 2017 Detroit, MI – November 28- 29, 2017 S.I.T. Indeva Inc. will participate as a sponsor to the American Automotive Summit 2017 in Detroit, MI. This two-days leadership focused meeting is designed around improving plant floor operations and manufacturing strategy globally. In-depth discussions will provide a road map in achieving innovation, maximizing […]

MOTEK 2017

Stuttgart exhibition Motek 2017

MOTEK – 9-12 October 2017,  international exhibition in Stuttgart: automation in production and assembly At this international Stuttgart exhibition   Scaglia INDEVA GmbH in Hall 7  – Stand 7411 will exhibit: 2 INDEVA® Liftronic® Easy, one with load capacity up to 160 kg and the other 80 kg.  Liftronic® Easy can be equipped with different end […]


BBC – “Inside the Factory”: Cherry Healey learns how to lift loads effortlessly

In episode 2 of season 3, presenters of the BBC’s ‘Inside the Factory’ visited a pasta manufacturer in Italy, to see the innovative equipment and processes that feature behind closed doors of the world’s leading dried pasta factory. The factory, which produces 60% of all pasta made in Italy and supplies 3,000 tonnes of the […]


Aerospace Industry needs state of the art load handling technology

Large well known Companies in the Aerospace Industry after their first installation of an INDEVA® handling system in one of their production unit,  appreciate the advantages deriving from the use of the INDEVA® Intelligent handling technology and now choose only INDEVA® intelligent devices for all their production areas worldwide! Read about the advantages of INDEVA® […]

linear manipulator

Intelligent solution for handling tire rims in a small area

 An Intelligent Device for Handling with rigid arm moving along the Z axis suitable for working in a small area When items have to be picked and released in areas that it is not possible to reach from the top, only a solution with rigid arm that can reach loads far from the manipulator and [...]


INDEVA® Gateway

An INDEVA® Manipulator equipped with an INDEVA® Gateway can exchange data with Customer’s IT System, through the Company wi-fi network. click here for the pdf flyer Technical specifications: > data transmission protocol. Standard Modbus TCP/IP > connection to Wi-Fi network: 802.11.2.4 Gh > manipulator configuration: server  INDEVA® GATEWAY allows OUTPUT and INPUT data exchange in […]


Manipulators industry 4.0 ready

  Industry 4.0 ready INDEVA® Gateway INDEVA manipulators with INDEVA Gateway are industry 4.0 ready. INDEVA Gateway allows real time output and input data exchange with the Customer IT System through the Company Wi-Fi network and allows visualization of production data by means of an interface software. Download INDEVA® Gateway flyer App-Indeva is a virtual […]


AGV in industry 4.0

State of the art Intralogistics with interconnected AGVs in industry 4.0 A large Italian Company that manufacturers components for the automotive industry has recently enhanced their intralogistic system by implementing interconnection of main machines on their shop floor. Scaglia INDEVA is the Company that have supplied the AGVs on their shop floor; thanks to our [...]

Kit trolley

Flexible KIT Trolleys for best Ergonomics

At a big Multinational Corporate Customer, the personnel’s health is taken seriously. At the acquisition of new trolleys  ERGONOMICS, FLEXIBILITY and EFFICIENCY are high priority aspects to be considered. The warehouse is divided into zones. The parts are picked and delivered to different production stations in the factory. The Customer needed efficiency in the picking [...]

MOTEK 2016

MOTEK 2016: international trade fair for automation in production and assembly Scaglia INDEVA GmbH presents itself with a new design. Motek took place from 10th to 13th October 2016 at the exhibition centre in Stuttgart. Scaglia INDEVA used this exhibition also to present our new organization in Germany with  Dietmar Schlenker, head of branch office, […]