Pneumatic hoists

Scaglia INDEVA® combine cutting edge technology with expertise in material handling solutions. The INDEVA® products represent an evolution of the traditional lifting equipments such as hoists and pneumatic manipulators. Everywhere a pneumatic hoist is used can be replaced by an INDEVA® pneumatic manipulator or even better by a state of the art intelligent device for handling. [...]


Pneumatic manipulators

Scaglia INDEVA® have been manufacturing industrial manipulators since 1975 and boasts nowadays great expertise in load manual handling solutions. The broad range of manipulators comprises pneumatic manipulators and electric manipulators (intelligent devices for handling). Pneumatic manipulators are driven by pneumatic force (compressed air) and the movements of the gripping tooling are controlled by pneumatic valves [...]

Jib Crane

Jib Crane

Scaglia INDEVA® are specialists in the design and manufacturing of custom made cranes for all industry sectors. Scaglia Indeva offer state of the art cranes. The INDEVA® cranes are an evolution of the traditional equipments and are called intelligent devices for handling. The INDEVA® cranes can be mounted on different supports: Jib cranes Wall cranes […]


Load Balancer

Scaglia INDEVA® are specialists in the design and manufacturing of custom made load balancers for all industry sectors. Thanks to our thirty year experience and great know how, our load balancers are state of the art handling systems which automatically and instantly counter balance perfectly the load gripped and lifted. The operator can handle the […]


Zero Gravity Load Balancer

Scaglia Indeva is leader in the supply of state of the art zero gravity load balancers. Our zero gravity balancers allow for smooth and quick load handling with very low human effort (just a few grams of force is required). The INDEVA zero gravity balancers are the ideal solution for quick and rapid movements for […]

Intelligent Assist Devices – IADs

Intelligent Assist Devices – IADs

Intelligent Assist Devices (IADs) are the state of the art lifting technology. Presently, lift devices may be classified as either intelligent assist devices (IADs) or traditional lift devices. As specified by the Robotics Industry Association (2002), an IAD is “a single or multiple axis device that employs a hybrid programmable computer-human control system to provide […]