Lighten the load

Lighten the load

Lighten the load, a european campaign on musculoskeletal disorders Read More >> MSDs


An intelligent work assistant device (IWAD) for manual production tasks.

The mission of Cybermans project is the development of advanced instruments to support the design methods and applications of technologies for fast and flexible Manufacturing operations. European project Cybermans. The research activities of CyberMans project are all directed towards the achievement of two main product outputs: a software interface for work activity simulation and an INTELLIGENT […]


Industrial pneumatic manipulator for handling broaches

Pneumatic manipulator for handling two different types of broach weighing 45 kg. The pneumatic manipulator is column mounted and fixed unto the floor. PN series pneumatic manipulators are ideal to handle offset loads or large size heavy loads that need a rigid gripping system. PN series balancers can be designed according to the ATEX regulations as […]


Electric hoist vs. INDEVA®, the evoluted material handling solution

More and more companies are recognizing the advantages the INDEVA® manipulators bring as far as productivity and safety are concerned. The future is at your fingertips with the incredible Liftronic® Easy single phase 240 or 110 volt handling system. This is a true electronic auto weight sense balancer with speeds up to 10 times faster […]

Pneumatic manipulators to handle solar panels

Pneumatic manipulators to handle solar panels

Four industrial pneumatic manipulators to handle solar panels, have been purchased by a producers of solar panels. These pneumatic manipulators are equipped with a vacuum pads end effector able to rotate by 90° for picking the panels layed in horizontal position and release them in vertical position.


Manual handling of doors with glasses

In an industrial vehicles factory the glasses and doors were handled by 2 operators for picking the glass from vertical position, 90° rotation, positioning it on the work table, lifting it, rotating it and placing it on the racks. A work cycle 10 minutes long and repeated several times a day, which involved high product [...]


Manual handling of shrinkwrapped packs

A producer of freezing elements, in its shipping department, employs mainly women; they have to manually lift, move and position shrink wrapped packs of freezing elements. During summer production increases and these female operators must lift these packs, which weigh up to 20kg, several times a day with very fast and repetitive work cycles. The […]


Self balancing zero gravity manipulators for handling gardrails

Zero Gravity Manipulators – Intelligent lifting devices  with dual magnet end effector. A company in the business of galvanization zinc plating has bought 30 INDEVA® manipulators, some column mounted with jointed arm and some rail mounted. The manipulators are used to help the operators load the beams unto the racks. This company chose INDEVA® manipulators […]

magnet end-effector for handling iron tubes

Lift assist devices with dual magnet end-effector for handling iron tubes

An electronic industrial manipulator (intelligent device for handling) model INDEVA® Liftronic® Pro for handling iron tubes has improved productivity and shortened cycle time. By means of a dual magnet end effector it is possible to grip two tubes at the time. The two magnets are at different heights and the operator can move them upwards […]


Pneumatic hoists

Scaglia INDEVA® combine cutting edge technology with expertise in material handling solutions. The INDEVA® products represent an evolution of the traditional lifting equipments such as hoists and pneumatic manipulators. Everywhere a pneumatic hoist is used can be replaced by an INDEVA® pneumatic manipulator or even better by a state of the art intelligent device for handling. [...]


Pneumatic manipulators

Scaglia INDEVA® have been manufacturing industrial manipulators since 1975 and boasts nowadays great expertise in load manual handling solutions. The broad range of manipulators comprises pneumatic manipulators and electric manipulators (intelligent devices for handling). Pneumatic manipulators are driven by pneumatic force (compressed air) and the movements of the gripping tooling are controlled by pneumatic valves [...]