The movement of heavy objects such as reels, rolls and bumps is often very difficult and requires more than one operator, involving considerable physical effort.

Moving reels, rolls and bumps for eight hours a day would become particularly onerous for health.

Using an INDEVA ®  Liftronic ®  system allows you to maintain a constant level of productivity throughout your work cycle, handling reels, rolls and bumps in total ergonomics and safety.

Reels of paper and plastic

With the INDEVA® systems it is possible to easily handle reels of different weights and sizes thanks to the automatic and continuous weight balancing technology.

Wire reels

Wire reels

An Indeva with orbital head is the most suitable solution for handling reels of wire, for loading creels.

Rolls and Bumps

The Indeva manipulators are the best solution for handling bumps of wire, hose, cloth as well as bumps of any material.

Handling yarn reels

Yarn reels

An INDEVA® Liftronic® Series with orbital tool head is the most suitable solution for loading yarn reels unto creels.