The Food & Beverage industry is considered a strategic sector for national and international markets, but it is called to make constant investments in research, process and product innovation, focusing on quality control and a cutting-edge safety concept.

The INDEVA ®  industrial manipulators, which respond to all these needs, have been chosen by various companies belonging to the world of Food & Beverage for the handling of products such as hams, cheeses, bottles, beer drums and crates.

The weight detection is done automatically in real time, combined with ‘self-balancing, allows you to move different loads without any pre-setting of the weight. These are some of the main features that distinguish INDEVA ®  manipulators from other lifting systems on the market.

Without any delay in response, the manipulator reacts to the impulse given by the operator, moving the load to the desired speed and position. The INDEVA ®  manipulators are the ideal solution for fast and repetitive work cycles with simple or complex gripping tools.

Handling meat

The only solution for the handling of meat during slaughter and cutting is an INDEVA® intelligent lift assist device, equipped with an electronic control system and electric drive.


Beer Drums

the INDEVA® manipulators are ergonomic handling systems for barrels and drums manipulation within the beverage industry.


Bottles and Jars

These manipulators allow rapid load positioning, with no jerks. An INDEVA® is the ideal solution for manual handling of glass bottles.



Hundreds of INDEVA® industrial manipulators are in use for different applications within the dairy farming.


Ham Legs

INDEVA® manipulators for manual handling of hams of different types, shapes and weights.