Moving electromechanic devices with simplicity and safety thanks to the innovative INDEVA ®  lifting systems.

The industrial manipulators offered by Scaglia INDEVA ®  distinguished themself for their extreme usability, ergonomics and adaptability to any application and environment thanks to the wide variety of types of assembly and gripping tools available.

Thanks to the characteristics of self-balancing and sensitivity, the movement of electromechanical devices can be carried out in total safety.

Loading and unloading can be carried out with a single movement without having to press anti-ergonomic buttons and with the zeroing of the traditional waiting times of the pneumatic manipulators, this translates into a considerable increase of productivity.


INDEVA® manipulators for manual handling of electric transformers of different shapes and weights.


Handling Lawnmowers

An INDEVA® manipulator is the ideal solution for lifting and rotating lawnmowers on the assembly line.