INDEVA ®  manufactures and supplies intelligent manipulators for handling all components of the automotive industry, even the most complex ones, thanks to the great experience and extreme know-how in the field of design that makes INDEVA ®  a world leader in the supply of intelligent systems.

INDEVA ®  manipulators are equipped with an advanced electronic control system, allowing for greater ergonomics with less effort throughout the entire load handling cycle.

Many car manufacturers, who have always been looking for innovative systems, have decided to focus on INDEVA ®  systems.

State-of-the-art technology guarantees a high standard of safety: movement is only permitted if activated by the operator. In case of power failure, the system does not release the load until it is on a stable support.

Back Doors

Industrial manipulators INDEVA® for car back doors make the task on assembly lines easy, effortless and truly ergonomic.


Air Conditioners

The intelligent lift assist devices INDEVA® for air conditioners in the automotive industry.



With our solutions you can handle all kind of bumpers.



With INDEVA® you can easily handle all kind of doors.



An INDEVA® is the most suitable solution for handling motorbikes pieces.



Safe handling of glasses in automotive industry



Handling car sides on the production line with INDEVA®intelligent lift assist devices.


Tire rims

With INDEVA® you can easily handle all kind of rims.



Easily handled sunroof with INDEVA® products.