INDEVA systems are the perfect solution for handling tyres that require fast, fluid and precise movements. Thanks to its unique technology, it offers numerous advantages, in particular the ability to detect and balance the weight of the load lifted automatically in real time.
The industrial manipulators offered by INDEVA are increasingly chosen by companies for load handling for different reasons. They are self-balancing, therefore they allow the handling even when the weight of the tyres varies.

In an industry where there are strict safety regulations, INDEVA® systems fulfil this responsibility by designing cutting-edge, customer-specific solutions for moving tyres.

Through a sensitive handle, the system responds immediately to the intentions of the operator who, through fluid and precise movements, is able to move the load precisely.

INDEVA® ‘s industrial manipulators allow, with a minimum of effort, to handle tyres in the most precise way.

As a result, all damage to health which, in the long term, would hit the worker during operations is avoided.

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