INDEVA systems are used in the handling of rubber and plastic items with different positive aspects. Thanks to their slim and compact structure, movements on the horizontal axis are fast and fluid, positioning the load extremely precisely. The use of INDEVA manipulators makes it easier to move loads.
Thanks to the electronic control system that characterizes the INDEVA intelligent systems, large and heavy loads can be handled naturally and effortlessly, in the same way as small objects, without jolts and rebounds when positioning or lifting plastic and rubber items.
I sistemi INDEVA sono la tecnologia d’avanguardia per la movimentazione ergonomica di articoli di gomma e plastica. I manipolatori industriali offerti da INDEVA sono sempre più scelti da aziende per la manipolazione del carico per differenti motivi. Sono auto-bilancianti, pertanto permettono la movimentazione anche quando il peso degli articoli da manipolare cambia.

An INDEVA® Liftronic® model with gripping tool for the rubber blocks with a suction cup is the optimal solution for handling this loads safely, quickly, precisely and effortlessly for the operator.

With Z-axis control, the vertical stroke can be limited to suit the specific requirements of each application.

In this growing sector, the introduction of Industry 4.0 through Wi-Fi connectivity is a must.

An INDEVA® can be connected via Wi-Fi to the App-Indeva, to transfer machine data in real time to a remote device. All this allows to obtain a quick and precise diagnosis of any anomaly with the associated reduction of costs and time for technical intervention and machine downtime

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