Handling yarn reels
INDEVA latest generation industrial manipulators to handle textile fibre reels with a tool suitable for their grip. The great versatility of the gripping tools allows the handling of the load of different shapes and sizes, through an ergonomic and intuitive handling, the INDEVA lifting systems, which are self-balancing, allow fast movements and at the same time precise.
Possibility of handling textile fibre reels without the need for pre-setting of the load, thanks to the technical characteristic typical of INDEVA to detect and counterbalance in real time and automatically the weight of the lifted load. The immediate response of the system allows the operator to accelerate or slow down the movement according to the need, with a minimum effort.
The Liftronic series is equipped with standard handles and an automatic handle adjustment device that allows the operator to maintain an ergonomic position throughout the work cycle, ensuring that movements are always fluid. Thanks to the electronic control system that characterizes the INDEVA intelligent manipulators, large and heavy loads can be handled naturally and effortlessly in the same way as small objects, without jolts or rebounds when positioning or lifting textile fiber reels.

The textile industry still plays an important role within the fashion industry and the entire national manufacturing industry, despite a profound downsizing compared to the first half of the last decade.

In this sector, industries have invested significantly in the innovation of production processes, increasing their productivity.

For this reason, textile companies have chosen INDEVA® manipulators for handling textile fibre reels.

Heavy reels are no longer a problem: the operator, thanks to the self-balancing function of the INDEVA® systems, can move without any difficulty.

Moving these loads manually would require a great deal of physical effort and, at the same time, more workers to carry out this operation, leading to a significant reduction in productivity.

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