Wire reels
Moving metal spools with simplicity and safety thanks to the innovative INDEVA lifting systems. The industrial manipulators offered by Scaglia INDEVA are in fact distinguished by their extreme usability, ergonomics and adaptability to any application and environment thanks to the wide variety of types of assembly and gripping tools available.
Metal spools can be manipulated without the need for pre-setting the load, thanks to the technical feature typical of INDEVA to detect and counterbalance in real time and automatically the weight of the load lifted. The immediate response of the system allows the operator to accelerate or slow down the movement according to the need, with a minimum effort.
Latest generation industrial manipulators INDEVA to handle metal spools by means of a tool suitable for their grip. The great versatility of the gripping tools allows the handling of the load of different shapes and sizes, through an ergonomic and intuitive handling, the INDEVA lifting systems, which are self-balancing, allow fast movements and at the same time precise.

Although the majority of companies are equipped with automatic production lines, there are still many operations involving manual handling of loads, particularly in the handling of wire reels.

In order to maintain a constant production rate and a high level of productivity, as well as to comply with directives and regulations in the field of ergonomics and safety in the workplace, these companies need lifting systems adapted to these standards.

An INDEVA® meets all these requirements as it has the highest safety standard of all load lifting systems currently available on the market.

Through fast movements, precise load positioning and an immediate response of the system to operator, handling wire reels will no longer be a problem.

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