Moving various hanks with simplicity and safety thanks to the innovative INDEVA lifting systems. The industrial manipulators offered by Scaglia INDEVA are in fact distinguished by their extreme usability, ergonomics and adaptability to any application and environment thanks to the wide variety of types of assembly and gripping tools available.
Possibility of handling various hanks without the need for pre-setting of load, thanks to the technical characteristic typical of INDEVA to detect and counterbalance in real time and automatically the weight of the load lifted. The immediate response of the system allows the operator to accelerate or slow down the movement according to the need, with a minimum effort.
The lightweight structure of INDEVA's Liftronic system provides great visibility and manoeuvrability. The automatic centre of gravity device keeps the gripper always perfectly vertical, both with and without the load applied, thus maintaining maximum ergonomics at all times during handling. Finally, the positioning of various hanks will be incredibly precise, thanks to the intuitive and natural coordination of the movement, without any resistance.

INDEVA® intelligent systems are the ideal solution for handling various rolls and bumps.

The possibility of having a manipulator that supports the operator during lifting and handling of loads, makes the work cycle more productive because the operator, who works in total ergonomics and safety, can handle the load more quickly and precisely.

The centre of gravity and the automatic adjustment allow the maintenance of a perfect balancing condition at all times, also through the control “Float Mode” the operator can handle the various hanks manually, positioning them without damaging the product.

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