INDEVA is the top of the range in terms of solutions for pipe handling, because it is able to guarantee safety, ergonomics and productivity like no other manipulator, facilitator or lifting device available today.
The industrial manipulators offered by INDEVA are increasingly chosen by companies for load handling for various They are self-balancing, therefore they allow the handling of pipes in total safety, even when the weight varies.

Due to low cost, long life and compression, the use of steel pipes are growing in the oil and gas industry.

Activities such as pipeline drilling and distribution further increase the demand for steel pipes. Of all materials, steel pipes accounted for the largest share of the global market for plastic pipe competitors.

However, the manual handling of the load is a problem for operators who, in addition to using their time and energy badly, risk irreparably damaging their health.

The INDEVA® manipulators respond to the needs of a product of quality and safety, which is why many companies have adopted this system for moving tubes.

The use of an INDEVA® system allows to maintain a constant level of productivity for the entire work cycle, manipulating the tubes in total ergonomics and safety.

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