The industrial manipulators offered by INDEVA are increasingly chosen by companies for load handling for different reasons. They are self-balancing, therefore they allow the handling even when the weight of the solar panels.
INDEVA systems are the perfect solution for handling solar panels that require fast, fluid and precise movements. Thanks to its unique technology, it offers numerous advantages, in particular the ability to detect and balance automatically in real time the weight of the load lifted.

The solar panels market in the world is in agitation, the growth forecasts are extremely positive and the signs are increasingly evident.

Handling these bulky objects manually is a problem for companies operating in this sector.

Scaglia INDEVA® meets this need with its intelligent handling systems.

The handling of solar panels is no longer a problem with INDEVA® systems that, thanks to their versatility and the possibility of exchanging gripping tools, adapt to any environment and processing cycle.

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