INDEVA is the top of the range in terms of solutions for manual handling of wooden panels available on the market today, because it is able to guarantee safety, ergonomics and productivity like no other manipulator, facilitator or lifting device available today.
The industrial manipulators offered by INDEVA are increasingly chosen by companies for load handling for different reasons. They are self-balancing, therefore they allow the handling even when the weight of the wooden panels varies.

Scaglia INDEVA® has provided different solutions for the handling of laminated and wood panels to numerous companies in the construction sector.

The versatile use of INDEVA® systems allows the operator, through slow and precise movements, to position the laminated panels without impact, reducing the risk of damage or even breakage.

A vacuum gripping system allows workers to eliminate efforts, improving the ergonomics of the movements performed.

INDEVA® , with its systems, is the ideal partner for customized solutions for manual handling of loads, in particular for handling bulky and uncomfortable objects to carry, such as wooden panels.

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