INDEVA systems are the perfect solution for handling panels and glass, which require fast, fluid and precise movements. Thanks to its unique technology, it offers numerous advantages, in particular the ability to detect and balance automatically in real time the weight of the load lifted.
Scaglia INDEVA with its industrial manipulators, increases ergonomics and productivity within the working cycles, in particular thanks to the characteristics of self-balancing and sensitivity, which allow the movement of panels and glass in total safety.

INDEVA® systems are the latest technology for the ergonomic handling of glass panels.

The industrial manipulators offered by INDEVA® are increasingly chosen by companies for load handling for different reasons.

They are self-balancing, therefore they allow handling even when the weight of the panels to be handled changes from one panel to another.

Scaglia INDEVA® offers the latest technology in gripper tools, thanks to their great experience in the field.

Through the use of an INDEVA® and its grippers it is possible to carry out a rotation of large glass panels ranging from 90° to 180° or 360 ° in a fluid, safe and effortless way.

An INDEVA® also allows a very precise positioning of the load, which is necessary and ideal when handling delicate loads, especially when they have to be made in restricted areas.

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