INDEVA latest generation industrial manipulators for handling pallets with a tool suitable for their grip. The great versatility of the gripping tools allows the handling of the load of different shapes and sizes, through an ergonomic and intuitive handling, the INDEVA lifting systems, which are self-balancing, allow fast movements and at the same time precise.
The INDEVAs of the Liftronic series are the perfect solution for handling pallets, which require rapid, fluid and precise movements. Thanks to its exclusive technology, it offers many important advantages, the main ones being the ability to detect and balance the weight of the lifted load automatically in real time.

Pallet movements are repetitive operations that represent most of the costs and time of personnel working in a warehouse. INDEVA® Liftronic® is the solution to reduce these costs, because it eliminates the need for operators to use traditional lifting equipment.

Therefore, it is an excellent option for companies in all industries that want to speed up their logistics operations cycle.

With an industrial manipulator it is possible to grip and move one or a pile of pallets with an INDEVA® equipped with simple forks or with a customized gripper with load rotation.

A Liftronic® from INDEVA® is the most ergonomic solution for the manual handling of pallets, thanks to a precise and fast manipulator, the operator can move the pallet intuitively and at the speed best suited to each phase of the work cycle.

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