easy handling electrical cabinets.
The use of innovative systems such as Scaglia INDEVA manipulators has certainly led to a constant increase in productivity, moving electrical cabinets with extreme ease and precision. One of the main features that distinguishes INDEVA systems from the rest of the market is undoubtedly the automatic weight detection. This function, combined with the self-balancing, allows to move the electrical cabinets without any pre-setting of the weight.
Process innovation is one of the strategies to be adopted to improve productivity and Scaglia INDEVA's industrial manipulators represent the solution for moving electrical cabinets, preventing the worker from continuously repeating the same operation for eight hours, which is harmful to health.

The movement of heavy objects such as electrical cabinets is often very difficult and requires more than one operator, which causes physical and human effort.

In addition, moving electrical cabinets for eight hours a day would become onerous for health.

Using an INDEVA® Liftronic® system allows you to maintain a constant level of productivity of your work.

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