An INDEVA Liftronic is the most ergonomic solution for the manual handling of various mechanical components, thanks to a precise and fast manipulator, the operator can move the load in an intuitive way and at the most suitable speed for each phase of the work cycle.
INDEVA allows, thanks to its advanced technology, to increase productivity while maintaining a constant level throughout the work shift and, at the same time, allows for greater precision in the positioning of various mechanical components.
INDEVA manufactures and supplies intelligent manipulators for the handling of various mechanical components, thanks to the great experience and extreme know-how in design that makes INDEVA a world leader in the supply of intelligent systems.

The handling of various mechanical components with INDEVA® manipulators is not a problem, INDEVA® auto-balances the weight and makes each operation very easy to perform.

Thanks to the great versatility of INDEVA® manipulators, which allows the use of different types of gripping tools, we can provide the most suitable solution for the handling of mechanical components of various shapes and sizes.

The system allows fluid and precise movements, so as to position the load without any impact or rebound, reducing the risk of damage in a consistent way.

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