The INDEVA manipulators meet the needs of a product of quality and safety, which is why many companies have adopted this system for moving fragile products. The use of an INDEVA system allows to maintain a constant level of productivity for the entire work shift, manipulating the load in total ergonomics and safety.

Thanks to the exclusive electronic control system of the INDEVA® , it is possible to handle fragile items such as lamps, windows, tables in a delicate and safe way without jerking movements.

Through a sensitive handle, the system responds immediately to the intentions of the operator, who can make movements on the vertical axis operating on the handle a minimal pressure.

The system allows slow and precise movements, so as to position the window precisely without any impact or rebound, significantly reducing the risk of damage.

These products can be handled either on the assembly line or in the logistics area, by placing the items in a box or on a pallet.

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