The handling of uncomfortable objects to be grasped as foundry moulds is a strong point for INDEVA's Liftronic systems which, thanks to their versatility and the possibility of exchanging gripping tools, adapt to any situation and work cycle.
INDEVA allows, thanks to its advanced technology, to increase productivity while maintaining a constant level throughout the work shift and, at the same time, allows for greater precision in the positioning of foundry moulds.
An INDEVA Liftronic is the most ergonomic solution for the manual handling of foundry moulds, thanks to a precise and fast manipulator, the operator can move the load in an intuitive way and at the most suitable speed for each phase of the working cycle.

Against a substantial stability of the castings production index in the first few months compared to the same period of the previous year, there was a positive contribution in terms of orders collected on the foreign market.

Several foundries have already adopted the INDEVA® handling systems and the workers have stated that they are particularly satisfied.

Moving cores, shells and moulds inside the furnaces is no longer a problem; moreover, thanks to a special protection positioned on the gripping system, the operator is protected from the warmth emitted by the furnace.

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