A Liftronic Easy INDEVA with special tool for handling ham legs in the food industry
INDEVA Liftronic is the ideal solution for handling hams, automatically detecting and balancing the weight, without any pre-setting of the load.
Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, INDEVA allows the operator to increase productivity while keeping the level constant throughout the entire work shift and, at the same time, allows for greater precision in the positioning of the hams.

A Liftronic® Easy INDEVA® with hook or special tool for handling ham legs in the food industry.

The INDEVA® manipulators are the modern solution, easy to use, to install and to maintain for the handling of hams legs.

The manipulators can be equipped with a stainless steel structure, where required, in order to comply with all the regulations of the sector.

The gripping tools can also be supplied in stainless steel, so that they are suitable for the foods without risk to health and respecting the hygiene required in controlled environments.

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