Handling cheese blocks by means of a vacuum gripping tool applied to the standard tool head of an INDEVA
cheese block
INDEVA Liftronic is the ideal solution for handling cheese, automatically detecting and balancing the weight, without any pre-setting of the load.

The cheese industry is an inestimable asset as it is a pillar of the food industry and is recognised as an excellence worldwide.

Through the use of INDEVA® industrial manipulators, known for their light and compact structure, it is possible to obtain a movement of cheese blocks by means of a suction cup with 90° rotation of the block and a manipulation of soft cheeses by means of a simple stainless steel hook connected to the standard head of an INDEVA® .

The man-machine interface is simple and effective, through a “user friendly” display there is the possibility to view and import all the parameters necessary for the operation.

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